Start-Up Loans

An Equipment Financing arrangement allows your business to get immediate access and full working use of an asset without paying for it upfront.

Receive cash into your account fast – within 24 hours

A quick and easy way to get extra business finance

Match your loan requirements to your business plans

You choose the repayment option and schedule that matches your cash flow – from lower monthly repayments over a longer term to higher repayments over a shorter term

Fixed interest rates so you know exactly where you stand

You choose what to do with the loan

If you’ve got a great idea, put it into practice. Every day thousands of people in Singapore come up with great business ideas but don’t have the capital or resources to take action on them. Monetium Leasing is here to address that problem. We help turn hard work and aspirations into reality. Where other investors would consider any start-up a high risk and unstable commodity, we are here to believe in you.

Our Start-Up Business Loans offer new businesses in Singapore the means to turn their passion into a career with a strong financial foundation. Our experienced financial experts and advisors at Monetium will be able to help discover what you need to take you from idea to implementation, to a successful, growing start-up company. Our loans provide you with a reliable source of liquidity to function as initial capital, capex for the growth of your company or simply as funds for daily operations.

Get on a good footing in your early days in the business and ensure your success into the future. A start-up business loan from Monetium is a fantastic way to begin a career.

Helping Singapore businesses grow

Speak to the experts today and give your company the resources it needs to seize opportunities as they come. Monetium Leasing is proud to offer a diverse range of financial services to businesses of all sizes and across all fields in Singapore. From Merchant Cash Advances to Equipment Leases, we can meet a diverse range of needs.

Contact us today to learn more about services or our company. Fill in our contact form, our send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call our office at +65 6777 7755 if you’d like to speak to us directly.

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