Automobile Leasing for Local Businesses and Individuals

Financing of up to 100% of the vehicle value

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged on the monthly rental payments

Save money: you do not have to put your hard earned money into a depreciating asset

Better vehicle: You can get a new vehicle every few years so you can always have the latest version of the vehicle you need

No large cash outlay, so leasing can significantly help maintain and control cash flow

No need to be concerned about the cars obsolescence, i.e. if the car no longer works or loses value during its lifetime

Provides flexibility to enter into a new contract at the end of the original lease’s fixed term

Makes budgeting easier as you have a clear sight of future expenditure

If you need a car replacing quickly, you can arrange an adjustment to your budget, instead of paying out a big lump sum

The ownership of the car is retained by the leasing company at all time

Less worry: take out vehicle maintenance package to get all servicing covered for the duration of the lease

Saves time: no need to sell your vehicle. Just hand back the keys at the end of the leasing contract and you are free

Need a ride? We can help. Monetium Leasing offers flexible Automobile Leasing programs in Singapore, to help get you where you need to be. Whether you need a car for your business or simply in the course of your daily life for a fixed but temporary period of time, we’re the company for you.

Our leasing services offer true flexibility for you. You can choose the vehicle in our extensive fleet that suits your budget and approach us and we’ll develop a fixed monthly repayment for you including insurance coverage in the excess of $300 onwards, 24-hour roadside assistance, maintenance and servicing.

With leasing terms between 24 and 72 months, this is ideal for foreigners on a long-term work permit or businesses requiring the services of a vehicle for operational purposes for a fixed period of time.

You’ll be protected from the depreciation of the automobile value and avoid a large cash outlay. Easily budget for the vehicle as you would any other ongoing business expense. If you require a replacement quickly, we can arrange one for you without the sudden payment of a large lump sum. At Monetium Leasing, our goal is always to give you the smoothest ride, before you even get behind the wheel.

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Monetium Leasing makes it easier to get the resources and capital your company needs to thrive. From SME Loans to Invoice Factoring, we provide it all with flexible terms and minimal stress on your part. With our company, it’s simple to find help tailored to your unique circumstances.

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